How do I join the MIT badminton club?

1. Meet the eligibility requirements
2. Fill out and sign the waiver and return it to a club officer
3. Optionally, request to be added to the club mailing list

What is the eligibility for joining the MIT badminton club?

The club sports program is open to all MIT affiliates. For club sports, an MIT affiliate is defined as an MIT undergraduate or graduate student, alum, or faculty or staff member. In addition, any cross-registered student or student employed at MIT, usually from Harvard or Wellesley, is considered an affiliate. The spouse of any of the above classifications is also considered an MIT affiliate. College-age children of affiliates are considered affiliates if they are at least 18 years old.

Racket Stringing and Private Lessons

Professional racket stringing service by Pashupati Paneru
Several Time Nepal National Champion
$20 for Bg-65

He also offers group(up to 4) @$60/hr and private @$40/hr lessons at MIT.
Email: panerupashupati at

Where can I get my racket strung?

Boston badminton $17 own string or $22 for BG-65


Maugus Club

2013 World Championships Sattawat vs Lin Dan

Winner of the Wilson MIT Boston Open 2013 against Lin Dan at the 2013 World Championships

Good Footwork Video from Chandra

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