Fall 2017 Badminton Club

Hi all,

Welcome back to the MIT Badminton Club for Fall 2017. I am Jeffrey Mei, the treasurer, and this year's President and Vice President are Reetik Sahu and Alex Ji respectively. You can contact us at mitbac-officers[at]mit.edu.

Fall 2016 General Info

My name is Aaron Liao, the president of the MIT badminton club this year. Patrick Gregg and Jeffrey Mei are vice president and treasurer of the club, respectively. The first day of the 2015 fall semester is approaching and so are the badminton practices!

MIT Badminton Club Won 8 Medals from 2016 Boston Open Collegiate Division!!!

Congratulation to Marianne Aellen, Judy Chen, Aaron Liao and Kathleen Zhu for winning medals at 2016 Boston Open Collegiate Division!! Thank you all for joining the badminton club it was a great year!! Good luck with the finals!! Hope to see you all next semester!

How do I join the MIT badminton club Fall 2016?

1. Meet the eligibility requirements
2. Fill out the online waiver
3. Request to be added to the club mailing list

Where can I get my racket strung?

Boston badminton $17 own string or $22 for BG-65


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