About Us

MIT Badminton Club
MIT Badminton Club is organized under the Club Sports Council to bring together MIT undergraduate and graduate students to compete in local tournaments. Players of all levels are welcome but they should demonstrate commitment to improving. Big group and small group drill practices and game nights are held regularly and are organized by coaches and officers. The club provides nets and courts and players bring their own rackets and shuttlecocks. The club is open to only MIT affiliates.

Club Officers (2015-2016)
Aaron Liao

(Ph.D. Chemistry)
Vice President
Patrick Gregg

(Ph.D. Electrical Engineering)
Jeffrey Mei

(Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering)
Marc Lai Pashupati Paneru

Team Roster

Club Officers Emeritus
Judy Chang – (2013-2015)
Harris Liu – (2012-2013)
Hank Chu – (2011-2012)
Surapap Rayanakorn – (2010-2011)
Heymian Wong – (2008-2011)
Peter Tieu – (2011)
Kevin Liu – (2009-2010)
Jennifer Logan – (2008-2009)
Cindy Wang – (2005-2009)